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Ionized water

Ionized water is obtained in water ionizers. Acidic and alkaline water is simultaneously obtained in two separate vessels in the water ionizer. Water is ionized by treating it with electrical current. That is the water electrolysis process, during which molecules of water and of salts dissolved within it ionize.

During the process of water electrolysis the mineral salts, which are dissolved in the water split into ions of positive load metals (calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium), negative load non-metals and acidic remains.

During the electrolysis process positive metal ions are attracted by the cathode and the negative one by the anode. Therefore positive OH- ions (ionized alkaline water) of alkaline metals, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and hydroxyl collect in the electrolysis section by the cathode and negative H+ ions (ionized acidic water) of chlorine, sulphur, phosphorus and hydrogen.

IONIZED ALKALINE WATER (catholyte) has a mild negative electrical load and alkaline characteristics. It is also known as living water. Alkaline water is soft, odourless and tastes like rain.

Natural stimulator.
Natural antioxidant.
Provides alkaline to the body.
Directly adopted.
More oxygen.
Lower tension of the surface.
Reduces acidity of the body.
Protects healthy cells.
Strengthens immune system of the body.

This water stimulates vital energy and recovery of the body, reduces its acidity and improves health if used daily.

IONIZED ACIDIC WATER (anolyte) has a mild positive electrical load and acidic characteristics. It is also known as dead water. Acidic water tastes sourly and has a typical acid and mild chlorine smell.

Natural germicide.
Strong oxidising agent.
Has an antiseptic, anti-allergic and contra-inflammatory characteristic.
Destroys foreign bodies within the body as well as dead and damaged cells.
Overcomes diseases caused by various germs.
Destroys various plant pests, funguses and other reasons of diseases.
Removes germs and microbes.

Acidic water is mostly meant for external usage: disinfection of wounds, recovery of natural acidic medium of the skin, disinfection of premises and eco-friendly agriculture.

Both alkaline and acidic waters obtain and sustain absolutely different properties for particular period of time and are different than those of tap water from the mains. It leads to absolutely different ways of using alkaline and acidic water.

пиктограмма активированная вода

Активированная вода

пиктограмма  вода

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пиктограмма лечение водой

Лечение водой

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